Be still my heart! If you haven’t made it down to Asia yet, start saving your pennies because it is a destination you will not want to miss!! Asia is the largest continent in the world, densely population, extremely geographically diverse and full of rich, varied cultures. As this website is an ode to all things Summer, we will  be focusing on South East Asia and the thousands of islands that form the epitome of Summer life. The clearest warm oceans, the yummy inexpensive food, the umlimited adventures. Asia has everything you could ever want…except for lettuce. That seems a challenge 🙂





When is the BEST TIME to go for great weather?

“High Season” is generally when there is the most amount of sunshine and the least amount of rain.                                                          “Shoulder Season” is the beginning or end of high season. Still a great time to visit, a bit cooler..maybe a bit more rain.                                   With that come less tourists, lower prices and sometimes more genuine experiences.


Cambodia- Laos- Myanmar – Thailand- Vietnam- Philippines- Northern Malaysia
HIGH SEASON: December- February                                    SHOULDER SEASON: November, March


Borneo- Southern Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia
HIGH SEASON: June- September           SHOULDER SEASON: March – May, October & November